Arthur Becker Turns his Art Passion, Finance Career, and Real Estates Venture into Livelihood

Arthur Becker, aged 66 years, ventured into the tech scene in the early 2000s. Arthur was once a stockbroker at Bear Stearns, but today he has majored in the real Estates market. He silently funds Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney’s Billionaires Row Development at 111 West 57th Street. The 16-story condo building that was developed by Maloney and Robert Gladstone’s Madison Equities was also part of his investment. Arthur’s expertise ranges from spanning finance, tech, and art, to the real estates.

Becker’s Early Stages Investment

Arthur’s tech passion prompted him to purchase the web hosting company, NaviSite. The company was later sold in 2010 to Time Warner Cable for $230 million. Despite the sale, Becker still owned a stake in the company. Zinio was a publishing platform established by Becker after selling NaviSite.

In an article on Curbed, after college, Becker was involved in brick making in Vermont. During his childhood days, he used to consult his Magic 8 Ball to know what the future held. He had also used the eight balls in his artwork. At his 30s, Becker had started a $4 million orchard after persuasion from a friend that the macadamia business was doing well. Becker used to sell the harvest to Mrs. Fields Cookies. Eventually, he made $10 million out of the venture.

Becker Combines Art with Currencies

Arthur Becker happens to be a lover of art. In his office, all sorts of art currencies folded into recognizable animal shapes are available. He has sold most of this art to Wall Streeters, and he is planning an exhibit in June at Sullivan Street. Becker also purchases old currencies from African countries to make metallic sculptures. He is optimistic of installing two large sculptures in commercial buildings in Boston.

Early life and education

Becker was born in 1950. He lives and works in New York. He graduated from the revered Bennington College with a degree course in Ceramics and Photography. He also attended the Dartmouth-based Amos Tuck business school. Arthur Becker held the senior adviser position in Vera Wang Fashion Company for seven years. He is currently the chief principal of Madison Partners. The company focuses on real estates and early stages of Bio-Tech ventures.

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