NGP VAN: An Emerging Force in Digital Campaigning

There are plenty of businesses that operate in the public policy area of politics, especially in regards to campaigning and campaign fundraising. However, none of them do quite the job that NPG VAN does. See, current political models often fall short, especially in regards to addressing and utilizing technology. Campaigns are, unbelievably, still running grassroots on foot campaigns that use the same old tired tactics as the last ten campaigns before them. It’s an almost unbelievable phenomenon; for some reason, political campaigning often refuses to utilize modern technology, and instead, it relies on worn-out tradition. This changed during the Obama election cycle.



Obama utilized the services of NGP VAN — a metrics-based digital media integrated campaigning tool — to draw in millions of voters. NGP VAN may have started as a company that Obama used in order to counteract Romney’s use of ORCA (which eventually took part in his defeat.) Together, after field testing, Obama’s campaigning team and NGP VAN released Pollwatcher, a mobile app that was used to great success during the election and subsequent re-election cycle of President Barack Obama.


Campaigning that targets digital media is becoming more and more important to modern campaigning efforts across America. Some of the greatest campaigns in history have been run using emerging technologies. FDR’s fireside chats won him four elections. It’s hard to argue with campaigning that made amending the constitution a necessity.


NGP VAN has since been a vital tool in the Democrats campaign pocket. It was used by Clinton and Sanders as well as various members of Congress looking to take the stand. NGP also recently acquired both Hustle — a San Fransisco peer-to-peer campaigning tool startup — as well as SpeakEasy Political — a tool that utilizes direct-to-mail campaigning using targeted voter data —. Of course, its use is largely owed to its miraculous voter turnout ability.


If the Republicans want to keep up in the modern age of campaigning it’s important that they find a tool to match. Using digital data collection and analysis is becoming a vibrant new way of targeting voters and winning elections. Let’s see if they find something that can help them, because if not, we may see a blue wave coming.


Jason Hope Works with SENS Foundation to Stop Aging

It’s never good when successful business professionals mix personal gain with scientific discovery. From what’s been shown in movies and on TV, those people always have some shady agendum behind their generosity. It’s rare to hear about a millionaire donating out of the kindness of their heart.

If there was ever a cause that everyone could agree on, it would be healthcare. That’s not talking affordable healthcare or health insurance. Healthcare, in the sense of providing health to everyone in the world; solving medical problems and eliminating disease so that no one suffers.

There’s one major health obstacle that no one’s been able to get around–aging. When people get older, and they all do, they can develop any number of health problems. The older someone is the worst the problems can be. Currently, most health companies are trying to find treatments and alleviate people’s pain.

Though not all health conditions and diseases stem from aging, most of them do. If someone could figure out a way to stop or at least slow the aging process, it would give everyone in the world a better chance at living long, healthy lives.

Because aging is such a big deal, there are thousands of organizations trying to solve the age problem. Most of those companies are only interested in making people look young forever, but there are few who want to enhance humanity’s quality of life. One of the men looking for answers is Aubrey de Grey, co-founder of the SENS Foundation.

The SENS Foundation was founded about eight years ago and has attracted a lot of attention from people like Jason Hope. Jason Hope is entrepreneur and philanthropist who’s interested in improving the quality of life on planet Earth. He doesn’t suffer from anything except aging.

Most of the time successful business professionals turn to medical philanthropy, it’s because they’re dying from something. Jason Hope is a healthy man with healthy habits and only wants to make people’s lives better. He has a lot of money and can donate to organizations like SENS, so he does.

Jason liked what he say when he came across SENS and donated $500,000 in 2010. Since then, he’s been a donor whenever the organization needed something Aubrey couldn’t afford on his own.

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Shervin Pishevar says U.S. government caught in short-term thinking while infrastructure rots

Shervin Pishevar is one of the country’s most accomplished entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. In what little free time he has, he also manages to run one of the most popular Twitter feeds in the world of tech, with nearly 100,000 followers. Recently, the inveterate tech leader engaged in a 21-hour tweet storm, in which he addressed topics ranging from the role of the Federal Reserve to the problems that the United States is facing in staying competitive.

One of the serious issues that Pishevar sees coming is the generally failing infrastructure of the United States and the bloated and incompetent bureaucracies that allow it to happen. Shervin Pishevar says that the United States has some of the highest tax rates in the world. Yet the country’s taxpayers seem to get very little for the outrageous sums that they are compelled to pay.

Shervin Pishevar says that crumbling U.S. infrastructure is leading to serious problems for the country’s competitiveness. He cites recent controversies over tariffs as an example of one of the outcomes that follows from having poor infrastructure and unnecessarily high transportation and manufacturing costs relative to other industrial powers. As one example, Shervin Pishevar points to the fact that China is currently able to manufacture steel far cheaper than companies in the United States. This, he says, is largely due to the simple fact that China has a more efficient raw-materials transport system and has lower labor costs.

The problem with things like this, says Pishevar, is that the fundamental problem is not the unfairness of free trade but that the United States simply is not competitive on a global level. He says that steel production is but one spoke in a massive wheel of bureaucratic incompetence and infrastructural decay, which will eventually lead the United States to become a second-tier player on the stage of global trade.

Pishevar believes that America’s lack of competitiveness in nearly every major industry will eventually lead to the decline of the U.S. dollar as countries realize that it is no longer the best reserve currency. He says that the likely end is America’s slide into a third world backwater.

Sentient AI Facilitating Multi-Variate Testing for Digital Marketing Campaigns for Better Results

The e-commerce business is growing at a tremendous pace, and there are endless e-commerce companies already operating online. The number of e-commerce companies operating today continues to grow at a massive pace. The competition in the e-commerce industry is fiercer than one can imagine, and these companies are trying out new and innovative marketing strategies to woo more customers. Thanks to the artificial intelligence technology, the e-commerce companies are now able to scale as well as measure their marketing campaigns online. The multi-variate testing done with the help of artificial intelligence technology helps in finding out which aspect of the marketing campaign is working, and what isn’t. Thus, it helps the e-commerce and other forms of online companies to make essential changes in their marketing.


Moreover, the multi-variate testing also provides deep insight into how the future marketing campaigns should look like to make the marketing focused more towards the targeted audience. The targeting and re-targeting of the potential and existing audience are necessary, and it is done through the marketing campaigns that are proven to be effective while testing it over multi-variate mode, over and over again.


Just designing an online marketing campaign and keeping the results on fate and faith is not how things work today as AI technology can help measure every minute detail of the online marketing campaigns. Starting from the age group that is more interested in the product to how long the customers are spending on a particular page and which product is most popular among the customers, everything is recorded and reported. It helps in devising a more targeted marketing campaign while filtering out the redundancies. It helps in getting better results while saving time and money for the companies from analyzing the results of the campaign manually. It also gives the companies a fair amount of time to focus on other core areas of product development and strategy building.


Multi-variate testing platform powered by artificial intelligence technology provided by Sentient AI, a leading provider of AI technologies, has helped many companies to drive more sales and make their marketing campaigns more effective. It helps in reaching out to just the audience who are looking for the products and services you are offering. The conversion rate of the clients of Sentient AI improved drastically after the implementation of multivariate testing and making necessary changes accordingly. The e-commerce industry, as well as all the online/offline companies that engage in online marketing, can use the multi-variate testing model to improve their sales, scale up their business, reach out to a broader audience, increase their profitability, and enhance conversion rates.

The Inspiring Story of Entrepreneur Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a successful businessman whose achievement has made him famous as a published author and columnist. Pulier introduced the idea of the display on the mall in Washington, DC. It highlighted the benefits of including technology in education, manufacturing, and entertainment among other fields. Being a wealthy entrepreneur in enterprise technology, Pulier has received rewards for his successful inventions and ideas for cloud computing that point to his incredible capabilities.

Eric Pulier showed passion for technology during the fourth grade when he started using elementary computers to help develop his programming skills. While his colleagues in the class took basic math and spelling test, Eric was interested in technology, and this is where the symptoms of his innovative propensities to become a capitalist started showing. Even during that time, Eric could think like a capitalist who desires to implement better ways to solve issues. By the time he joined Harvard, Eric had known the concept of database and their benefit to enterprises. He established a database firm while he worked and almost every individual didn’t know anything about a computer. That helped him to take advantage of his concept and adventure concerning technology.

In the early 90s, Eric started his first venture known as People Doing Things. The mission of this agency was to support the implementation of technology in the healthcare sector, education sectors among other fields. During this period, he managed to convince Digital Evolution to merge with the US Interactive LLC to create a platform for a broader audience. Eric Pulier is positive that every individual can attain full potential by persisting through the hard times in life. He has shown determination while contributing to the Starbright World, an organization that was established to allow hospitalized kids use the internet to interact with others helping them to feel less isolated. Eric Pulier knows that any man will be successful if he invests in a good course. Eric advises the future entrepreneurs to believe that innovation is accessible to every individual who aspires to reinvent ways to experience the world. Eric has committed his life to helping others. One of his recognized ventures is the Xprize Foundation. It is a foundation that aims at bringing together talented individuals who desire to improve and create a change in the world.

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Eric Pulier – The Benevolent Whiz

Eric Pulier experienced childhood in the delightfully different township referred as Teaneck in Bergen County, New Jersey. Indeed, even as a young man, Eric portrayed signs of greatness and inventiveness. While undertaking his fourth grade, Eric began programming PCs, and during his high school education, he started a database PC organization. That is impressive, and the firm has continued to do better.

Eric made the trip from New Jersey to Los Angeles, California in the mid-1990’s with the main goal to bring great change to the world. He is the starting author of over 15 organizations and provides support for various others. In the recent past, he sold one of the firms at a revealed price of 350 million dollars. Eric displays great adaptability in business enterprise, from owning eateries to co-creating books.

In addition, Pulier is a great person who is blessed with philanthropic activities. Eric thoughtfully gives his chance and works to an assortment of non-profit firms and sits on the advancement leading body of X-Prize Foundation. This is one of the associations which Pulier supports and is engaged with activities to resolve key humankind problems. Additionally, Pulier is likewise involved with Painted Turtle, which is the camp that handles chronically sick kids. Being a thriving individual is exemplary. However, even being a kind person is even greater. As an American business visionary, a technologist, a giver, and a published author, Eric has absolutely gained a reputation in his life.

Eric Pulier has progressed toward becoming a significant potential in the entrepreneurial world, as he has for some time been making fruitful organizations since the beginning of his profession numerous years. Additionally, Eric Pulier is dynamic public speaker and actively shares his knowledge, skills, and success as well as innovative abilities, keeping in mind the end goal to help the world community. To this day, Eric has had a great effect on the technology sector and uncountable individuals in various corners of the world.

Eric attends occasions and conferences to share his expertise in business and technology to potential people who wait for his advice. As a pioneer in the field, he appreciates imparting information to others to enable more individuals to become fruitful. Presently, Eric has had many effective organizations, with various startups since beginning his profession. Some of the great firms that Eric started include People doing Things, ServiceMesh, Akana, and Digital Evolution. His capacity to improve in the technology field has possessed the capacity to help many individuals around the globe, particularly via efforts in Doctors for Africa.

Eric has constantly taken pride in his technology work, particularly when it entails in philanthropic practices. Today, Eric is a part of the Clinton Global Initiatives alongside being a substantial supporter of Painted Turtle and Starbright World both organizations helping kids with medical problems. His vision is to see many people repeating more from technology among other major exercises that his firms get involved.