Creating Mindfulness With ClassDojo

Many school officials are seeing the benefits of having students meditate and look within during classes. When students learn mindfulness, there are able to find inner peace and live stress-free lives. More and more schools are bringing mindfulness to the classrooms. The tech startup ClassDojo has collaborated with the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence to bring mindfulness to schools all across the United States. ClassDojo is a communication platform that allows parents to communicate with the children’s teachers. ClassDojo and the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence are also planning to bring mindfulness to schools across the globe. The two organizations are currently creating a mindfulness curriculum that will be added to the school time for students. In addition this comprehensive curriculum, they will also create online guides and videos that will be used for school and home.


Currently, 90% of middle and elementary schools use the mindfulness materials. Students that are in the 5-14 age group are learning the mindfulness idea. The curriculum is being translated into 35 languages, which will take it to more countries quicker.


ClassDojo is a mobile application that makes it easier for parents to know what is happening within the classroom. With ClassDojo, parents can send messages to teachers, teachers can share what is going on the classroom, and students can share their work.


ClassDojo is creating a community that is inclusive and responsive. More elementary and middle schools are using ClassDojo. The mobile startup is also improving the user interface to help teachers and parents respond more effectively.



Dr. Jennifer Walden is a female plastic surgeon based in Austin Texas in the US. Dr. Walden also works as a media commentator talking about health issues. She is an editorial board member of the Modern Aesthetics and plastic surgery. Dr. Walden has also co-authored the book on Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She is the founder of JENNIFER L WALDEN PLLC, a private plastic surgery center.



Dr. Jennifer Walden was born on the 17th November 1971 in Austin Texas. She attended the Anderson high school and later graduated from the University of Texas where she graduated with Honors in Bachelor of Arts and biology. She got her medical doctorate honors and graduated as the salutatorian at the University of Texas medical branch.



After her studies, she moved to New York to pursue aesthetic surgery at the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in Manhattan. While at the hospital she was mentored by Dr. Sherrill Aston and other established Dr in the field of aesthetic surgery. Due to her knowledge and success at the Manhattan hospital, Dr. Walden worked as the program director at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital for about seven years where she gained more experience and the know-how of surgery.



Dr. Walden has involved in many philanthropic deeds and community giving. She believes in helping those needs. Besides her schedule being tight, Dr. Walden creates time to serve the unfortunate in society. She says this makes her life full filling. In June 2016 she participated and emerged as runners-up for the Austin’s woman of the year by the Austin leukemia and lymphoma society. The campaign aimed at raising funds for the blood cancer research and Dr. Walden raised the second most amounts. For this course, she was honored by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for advanced research in pediatric blood cancer.

Dr. Walden is also a member of the guardian angel community a group of individuals that provide support for abused children at the Austin center for child protection. She has also volunteered in many medical missions trips.


Dr. Jennifer Walden is clearly a blessing to many.