Norman Pattiz: Radio Hall of Fame-worthy Diplomacy and Entrepreneurship

In a two-phased survey commissioned by PodcastOne and conducted by Edison Research, it was established that podcast advertising has the potential of increasing brand awareness by up to 76 percent depending on the brand.

The results, which were released by Norman Pattiz, the founder and executive chairman of PodcastOne showed that customers were more willing to purchase the brands included in the survey.

The post-campaign survey of the five national brands showed that some brands including automotive products and a casual dining restaurant enjoyed over 60% of brand lift after their ads were run for at least 4 weeks on PodcastOne network.

While releasing the results together with the vice president of Edison Research, Norman Pattiz stressed on the potential of podcasting as an effective alternative to conventional advertising.

Success Beyond Westwood One

When Norman Pattiz was appointed as a member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) in 2000, it was a reflection of the trust the then President Bill Clinton had in his ability to perform in such a role.

Before being considered for the diplomatic position, Norman Pattiz had already established a name for himself within the broadcasting circles as one of the leading entrepreneurs and executive managers in the highly competitive industry. In 1974, he founded Westwood One and transformed it into the country’s leading radio network upstaging established entities in the industry.

The radio network became synonymous with big events especially in the sporting world after winning the elusive rights to broadcast both Summer and Winter Olympics, the Super Bowl and several basketball and ice hockey games. It soon attracted the attention of other established media houses such as CNN and NBC, which contracted Westwood One to air some of its radio programs.

He replicated such remarkable success at BBG for the two terms he served under two administrations. He pioneered to the founding of numerous American television and radio networks across the globe.

To increase viewing and audience, the stations aired their programs in local languages such as Farsi, which appealed to the locals. According to Crunchbase, the now popular Voice of America owes its existence to the tireless efforts of Norman Pattiz who played a key role in its founding.

Pattiz ensured the nonmilitary American radio and television stations covered all the 22 countries that make up the Middle East.

Stations such as Middle East Broadcasting, Radio Sawa and Alhurra Television among others were founded during his remarkable tenure on the board, which ended in 2006. These remarkable achievements by Norman Pattiz saw him inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009.

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Traveling Vineyard – Joining The Team

Being a part of the Traveling Vineyard team is a great way to make money and build a career. This is the place where you can improve yourself and learn about the direct sales industry. There is great money to be earned in this industry. There are doors to be opened and opportunities that can shine through.

When you become a wine guide, you have the option to sell their wine and make a fortune because of the fact that there are people who will continue to buy the same wine over and over agin. Traveling Vineyard is very capable of helping you make this a career.

Traveling Vineyard requires a very low upfront fee in order to join. There are no hidden fees and all you have to do is focus on paying for the small things that they ask of you. They provide you with an incredible array of promotional, advertising, and other marketing tools for the small fee that you invest. There are no hidden fees at all. You will never need to keep stock of any products from the brand. All you need to focus on is selling and advertising the wine that they have on the market. You will never need to buy the wine yourself and sell them at a higher price. Doing so would be exhausting. Traveling Vineyard handles all the shipping and handling. You just need to connect the buyer to the wine.

As a consumable product, people will always be in need of more wine, making it easy to make more recurring customers. Many people don’t like buying wine in a famous vineyard because it can be very intimidating. When they buy in your home however, it’ll be a very humbling experience and can make it easy on them. Based on statistics, it is said that you can expect about two referrals from each person from every event that you have. If you are a welcoming wine tasting host and you bring people to engage into conversation, expect to create a very good atmosphere for your guests and making it enjoyable for them overall.

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How Equities First Holdings Has Become Well-Renowned as Being a Competitive Force in The Lending Industry

Equities First Holdings has become well-renowned as being a lending corporation that people can truly count on to provide them with the fair loan types that they may be seeking. There are unfortunately many lending institutions that are wrongly striving to take advantage of their borrowers. They are fully aware of borrowers of loans often being in vulnerable positions in their lives, in which the loan amounts that they borrow are often what enables them to either survive or reach certain goals that they may have set.

By speaking with one of the consultants of Equities First Holdings, you’ll get a clear understanding of what you can expect from the provider of Equities First Holdings, an institution that has been given an incredibly amount of recognition as being a lending institution that places a lot of importance on the lives of their borrowers.Equities First Holdings is an organization that is able to sustain itself from their borrowers. They’re also fully aware of that, therefore, they’ve decided to maintain a stance of providing loans at some of the best rates of interest in today’s markets.

If you’re wanting to see just how they may be able to provide you with myriads of benefits, don’t hesitate to speak with a consultant of their website today, as they’ll be more than happy to provide you with the assistance and guidance that you may be needing to obtain some of the most practical loans in today’s markets of lending.Equities First Holdings has been reputed well on the web, thus, guaranteeing you that you’ll be given great deals and opportunities of loans when applying through them. If you’re a high net-worth individual, you may be able to finally obtain a non-purpose loan that you’ve been seeking for some time. You will greatly appreciate the services that they offer.


Equities First is a Lending Institution That Places a lot of Importance on Their Borrowers

Non-purpose capital loans is a type of loan that is often difficult for anyone to obtain through many of today’s lending companies. By speaking with a representative of Equities First Holdings, you may be able to obtain the very loan amount that you need in the form of it being for non-purpose reasons. It’s highly recommended for you to ensure that you speak with a lender along the likes of Equities First Holdings, as they’re an organization that’s more than willing to work with their borrowers under specified terms that pertain to interest rates and payback options on case by case basis.

Businesses are entities that are among the highest of those who strive to obtain loans through lenders. If you’re wanting to obtain a loan to help you with purchasing assets, land, or making improvements on your land, it’s highly recommended for you to contact a lender along the likes of Equities First Holdings, as they’re an organization that’s truly placing a considerable amount of importance on the lives of any and everybody who is seeking assistance in the form of capital. They’re fully aware that many people are having trouble with obtaining loans, especially in these difficult times of the economy.

Equities First Holdings is an organization that is going to place your very own situation as one of its primary concerns in the loan providing decision making process. The interest rates and loan payback terms that you receive should be correlated to your very own capabilities of paying back the loan amount(s), and the interest rate(s) should be set to where you will have no problem with either sustaining yourself or your business after paying them off as well. It is a good deal that can be difficult for anyone to refuse. Speak with a representative of the organization today, as they’re always happy to provide their borrowers with the guidance that they may be needing.


Why Andrew Rolfe Work at Ubuntu Education Fund Will Not Be Forgotten

During the World Economic Forum in Davos, Jacob LEIF talks more about the Ubuntu Education Fund. This is a social project founded by him and runs it as the Chief Executive Officer. It is a foundation whose objective is to enhance the lives of young children in the United States. Jacob Leif longs for a time when children from all walks of life will have education unifying them.

Nevertheless, he is concerned that the money rose from well-wishers and donors do not ultimately benefit the people concerned. A few lot benefit unethically, enriching themselves at the expense of needy children and financially constrained families. Sadly, this because money is channeled into the pockets of selfish and inhuman beings who understand nothing other than themselves.

Notably, some donors give restrictions on the expenditure of funds. Some of which is biased and uncontainable. For instance, some direct that the funds be used to help brilliant children. This is sidelining some children since education depends on foundation, one’s intellect abilities, and their environment. Jacob Leif along with his team of professionals such as Andrew Rolfe, the chairman of the board is completely opposed to such direction. Because it clashes with their objective of Ubuntu in serving the interests of every child in the society since such brings isolation or segregation. As much as the project is working with limited finances, it will not welcome funding with restrictions.

About Andrew Rolfe

He has served as the VP of PepsiCo Restaurants in Europe and managed Pizza Huts restaurants in operations in over 30 countries. Before this, he was the CEO at Booker Foodservice. Preceding this, Andrew Rolfe worked with Pret A Manger as the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer growing it to compete globally. His leadership generates growth, expansions and organizational stability.

In Japan, he launched a banana republic and established a franchise business with roots in Malaysia and Singapore. At the Gap Inc.’s international he came up with growth strategies in branding and identification of markets. Andrew has a degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and a master of the same from Oxford University and another master from Harvard Business School.


Businessman, Greg Secker Sits Down To Do Interview With Ideamensch

Greg Secker is a former stock market trader and investor who worked for the Mellon Financial Corporation. Mr. Secker would serve as VP at Mellon Financial Corporation before leaving the company to establish his own businesses. After leaving the institutional investment world, Greg Secker went on to found two investment educational companies and programs called Knowledge to Action and Learn to Trade.

Following his success with award winning investment coaching and educational programs, Greg Secker launched several investment software companies. Trading software companies that Greg Secker has established include SmartCharts, FX Capital and Capital Index. Mr. Secker also has a charitable organization that is called the Greg Secker Foundation. It supports both domestic and overseas education for youth in underprivileged communities.

Greg Secker was asked what is the worst job he ever held in his career and what did he learn from that job. Mr. Secker says that the worst job he held was working as a bartender at a country club. Secker realized that people can be very rude, impatient and annoying. The pay was very low and Secker said that the job was not worth the money he earned from it. What Greg Secker gleaned from the bartender job, was that by studying people’s body languages, he could more easily know how to deal with them. Looking at people’s body language also gives Greg Secker something else to focus on during uncomfortable or unpleasant situations.

Ideamensch afterwards asked Greg Secker that if he was to start his entrepreneurial journey over again, would he have done anything differently. Greg Secker responded that if he was to begin his entrepreneurial endeavors all over again, he would slow down and enjoy the journey more. He says that he often worked at a feverish pace and would have benefited if he just stopped and slowed done at times.

Mr. Secker says that life should be enjoyed and not simply be a journey of completing one thing after the other. He really realized this when he was at a life mastery program in Fiji. He had climbed up so fast and was about go back down, but was told by a coach to stop and enjoy the view for a bit. Had he not stopped, Secker would have missed an incredible view of the island and ocean. This was symbolic for what you should do in life.

The Talented Jose Henrique Borghi

Jose Henrique Borghi is the co-CEO and chief content officer of the Mullen Lowe Agency Brazil. He was born in Sao Paulo. He earned a degree in Advertising from the Pontifical Catholic University. Borghi began his career at the reputable advertising agency known as Standard Ogilvy. He became a distinguished editor, and this led him to work at other advertising agencies such as Leo Burnett, Talent, and FCB. Borghi decided to start his firm and teamed up with Erh Ray to form BorghiErh. The agency was bought by Lowe and changed its name to Borghi Lowe in 2006. The ad agency eventually merged with the Mullen group and became Mullen Lowe.

His advertising campaigns have won him numerous awards over the years. He has won 11 times at the New York Festival awards and seven times at the London Festival. He has 14 awards from the Cannes Festival. This is one of the top media awards in the world. One of his famous campaigns is the Mammals of Parmalat advertisement. The advertisement features children dressed up as stuffed animals and singing catchy songs. Jose was also responsible for the creation of the Sazon ad that had the hit song from Zeze di Camargo and Luciano. Borghi decided that he would venture into advertising after watching the advertisements that were nominated for Cannes awards when he was in high school.

Borghi was recently involved with the brand positioning of Fini. This is a company that makes candy. He developed a new signature for the company through a campaign that spreads surprises through the candy products. This campaign was intended to align with the company’s mission of connecting and interacting more with the consumer. Borghi said that he wanted to capture the feeling of happiness that one gets when they get a good surprise. Fini distributed a limited number of newspapers that only contained good news. The reactions of people were filmed and produced into a video that will be released by Fini. Borghi finished by saying that working for Fini was a fun experience and the agency was proud to have made the customers happy.

Eric Lefkofsky: Always Demonstrating Versatility

There are people that find great success in specific areas such as technology or real estate investment. But Eric Lefkofsky is a rare breed that seems to not only take interest in several markets but shows the insight and resilience to succeed again and again.

The Entrepreneur Always On the Move

Eric Lefkofsky is Co-Founder and CEO of Tempus, Chairman of Groupon. Lefkofsky is also a founding partner of LIghtbank and more recently Co-Founder of Uptake. No matter what the source of information is about Lefkofsky one of the consistent messages we get is that he is always involved in a new venture which is usually something completely different than the last.For example, Tempus is a Biotechnology company that gathers data from the genetic code of cancer patients. The information is then used to help doctors make decisions and better provide personalized choices to the individual seeking treatment. Lefkofsky is always adamant about the advancement of technology and how it helps advance our world.

Unless you live under a rock you’re most likely familiar with Groupon. Groupon is an e-commerce business that specializes in offering impressive deals on things people consume or take part in every day such as food or spas. Groupon is a wildly growing company with much to offer to investors and consumers. When we look at Lefkofsky’s involvement in Tempus compared to Groupon, it speaks volumes of his abilities to identify worthwhile ventures.

Humble Beginnings and Empathy

Lefkofsky grew up outside of Detroit and then attended The University of Michigan and the University of Michigan Law. Would you believe that he started his first business as a freshman selling carpet? He would later sell his company StarBelly for $240 million. Eric Lefkofsky and his wife Liz are known for their philanthropy with the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. The private charitable group is involved in areas such as human rights, health, and education. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation has a heavy presence in the Midwest.Eric Lefkofsky helps fight cancer with technology and always has an eye on the future.

The Views of Jason Hope on Smart Technology

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur whose views on technology are appreciated by all. Today he is highly excited about the Internet of Things.

He starts by talking about smart technology. Jason Hope says that people are using it today simply because it is convenient or because it is a status symbol. People may be using it for entertainment or for getting some information. But soon, it will not be an option anymore. It will turn into the only way forward. All this will be happening in just a few years.

He does agree that most people associate being online when they log into their computers or their smartphones. But this is the situation right now. Very soon, this is going to expand and include the routine life. Hence making that morning cup of coffee or closing the house while leaving for work will also get associated with it. The next line of business will be in terms of competition among the major companies about creating the most useful apps for consumers. These have to be relevant enough so that people can engage with them during their daily schedules. Besides, they must be compatible across several different devices. The winner will be one who can provide the highest utility for consumers. Jason Hope states that this competition is going to get really fierce through the years and learn more about Jason.

He further talks about the advantage of making use of smart technology along with the Internet of Things. It will help to remove waste. Besides, our daily lives will become much safer and more information click here.

With the Internet of Things, public transportation will improve in a significant manner. There would be better monitoring of trains so that maintenance issues are handled in a prompt and timely manner. The real-time mapping can be done on public vehicles such as buses and cabs. This will help in avoiding dangerous conditions on roads as well as busy, congested roads. This will make people happier with public transportation. It would translate into higher usage of public vehicles meaning lesser private cars on the road. This would help to reduce congestion and traffic snarls and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

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Talos Energy Reforms New Oil Well With Premier And Sierra

It has been confirmed that a private entity has sunk a new offshore oil well located in Mexican territory. This is the first time an incident like this occurred in over eighty years. Not to mention the first exploration embarked on by anyone other than Petroleos Mexicanos when the country municipalized its oil trade. Drilling for the Zama-1 well is expected to take 90 days to complete and will cost Premier $16 million. Newfound companies intercepting, Talos, Sierra, and Premier, acquired the rights in 2015, after succeeding in the primary round of bidding. Talos owns a thirty-five percent stake in this venture, Sierra attained forty percent, and Premier acquired twenty-five percent. It is speculated by experts that the structure of the foundation for this project yields geological success. It’s acclaimed as the most interesting drill of the year within the given sector. Talos Energy LLC is a served upstream oil and gas corporation concentrated on exploration and the attainment of oil and gas assets with a focus in the Gulf Coast and Gulf of Mexico. Tim Duncan founded Talos Energy after selling his company Phoenix Exploration to Apache in 2011, earning him $600 million in equity from sponsors. WorkplaceDynamics awarded Talos with the title of “Best Workplace Among Local Small Businesses”. Premier Oil is also a reputable company with similar intentions to Talos. Premier was founded in 1934, and known as the “Caribbean Oil Company”. They pursued oil in Trinidad, where a majority of their succession in the revenue took place. Premier oil is widely known for acquiring a 75% stake in Vietnamese Oil in 2004. This superior oil company also has 50% operating rights over a project catching oil and gas blocking from the North Sea after receiving approval from the UK Department of Energy And Climate Change in 2004. They are expected to begin streaming oil later this year.

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