Dr. Incredible. Paging Dr. Incredible.

Nothing is quite like a pesky toothache, and no one is quite like a Doctor of dentistry. The dental professional is more than just that. The dental professional is a breed apart. A singular entity with a singular skill set which is more than just a skill set. The talents of the dentist put them apart from all others, and these masters of the mouth have risen to the top echelon and are highly revered. This unique focus on health is one that is cherished by all because the days of a string tied to a door knob are over. This is no small thing.

It has been famously said “Birds of a feather, flock together”, and in a very true sense, the dental masters have banded together into a click that only a very select few are talented enough to be a part of. This is a good thing, more so for the dental patient, than anything else. Caring for those who care for our teeth is a best practice for society, and the good people who have created MB2 Dental have created a very special atmosphere for their fellow doctors. It is more than a “Members Only” club, it is a team of like specialists who know that they, and their fellow dentists, immerse themselves in their work and focus more on their patients than themselves. This is a trait of the profession and now, an army of dental medicine professionals in every capacity, have come together to take care of their own and themselves. They have risen above the fray and are functioning on a higher level, so as to offer the finest oral care possible today, and every day.

MB2 Dental is a natural expression of the evolution of dentistry itself. It seems almost instinctive for those with top level dental credentials and experience to join together in this way, and the progression of this solution has become self sustaining and is marching ahead of its own accord.

Again, this is good for all, because I’m not sure about anyone else, but I don’t floss as much as I should, and it’s inevitable, at this point, that I am going to have to secure the services of kick-butt n’ take names dentist. He or she will not be happy, but they will, without hesitation, cure that which ails my choppers.

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Juan “OG” Perez Gets Treated To A Lavish Birthday Celebration By His Good Friend Jay Z

Juan “OG” Perez has been a business partner and dear friend to Jay Z for quite some time. Recently, Jay Z decided to throw a celebration for Juan’s 50th birthday, and spent close to $113,000 in the process. Some friends joined in with the birthday celebration including Carter-Knowles. They spent close to $13,000 on dinner and $9,000 more on the drinks they enjoyed. They also spent an amazing $91,000 at the Playroom Nightclub where the party continued all night long. In attendance were Jay Z, Juan “OG” Perez, Desiree Perez, Roc Nation executives, Carter-Knowles; as mentioned previously, and other friends.

Juan “OG” Perez might have been aware of the fact that a lot of the money being spent that night was being spent on Jay Z’s own liquor and champagne brands; D’USSÉ Cognac at Made in Mexico and Ace of Spades. Not only did this put money right back into Jay Z’s pocket, but it also was great for advertising for his brands. Juan and Jay Z have been friends going back more than two decades, and he has even been mentioned in some of Jay Z’s songs. No one was surprised that Jay Z would go all out for the man’s birthday.

Juan “OG” Perez was born in Harlem where he grew up. He went to high school in the Upper West side of Manhattan and first met Jay Z in 1996. They became close friends and allies, and Juan has helped him to run his studios. They also opened up sports bars and lounges together, and one of their restaurant chains has grown to include offerings at five other locations. Juan and Jay Z have long been bonded together by their mutual interest in sports, and they have conversed with many athletes at their clubs where they continue to do business to this day.

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Equities First Holding An Alternative Lending Company In Australia

Equities First Holding is an alternative lending company located in Melbourne Australia. Their current address is Level 2, 287 Collins Street Melbourne Victoria 3000 and their phone number is 61 386-888-7191. They also have two other locations in Australia one being located in Sydney and one being in Perth.

What makes Etiquettes First Holdings so different from other lending companies is the fact they provide clients with stock-based loans to provide capital for businesses. They have been in business since 2002 and are recognized as a global lender.

They provide both individuals financial institutions with stock-based loans. By offering low-interest rates on their product internationally, the company is known for putting the client first, also giving efficiency, speed, and flexibility in service with 24-hour available services.

As they continue to experience rapid growth in the industry they are well on their way to becoming the leader in stock-based loans.

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OSI Food Solutions Expands Chicken Production line

OSI Food solutions is a top food company from the United States. It is leading in the production of meat products in various parts of the globe. The company no longer operates only in America but almost all the continents in the world. The expansion plan of the OSI Group is one of the factors which have contributed significantly to the growth of food company. It operates in 17 countries and has over 65 facilities. In Spain, the company has been operating a meat products plant. The plant which is located in Toledo has been a topic of discussion in recent years following the expansion work which has happened there.

The Toledo plant has significantly increased its chicken products production capacity. OSI Food Solutions has increased the production line such that it is now producing double of what it what it did before the expansion. From 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons annually, this is the increase we are talking about. The new expansion takes the total production from this plant to 45,000 tons annually. With the new production line, it will not only increase production of food products for OSI Food Solutions but increase job opportunities or the local community. One of the new positions which have been created is that of the product development manager.

OSI Food is headed by Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin and is assisted in management by the President and COO David McDonald. These two figures have been instrumental in the growth of the company. Their biggest contribution is that of expanding the operations of the company to numerous companies in different parts of the world. Sheldon joined OSI Food Solutions in 1975 and has been with it since then.

Sheldon Lavin has won awards due to his contribution to the growth of safe food production methods. OSI Food Solutions have a reputation for maintaining the safety of their clients as the priority. Vision World Academy, an Indian organization, awarded Sheldon Lavin with Global Visionary Award. This is an award for people who have actualized their dreams. Sheldon has taken this company from a little-known firm in the 1970s to one of the top food companies in the United States.

Another award that Sheldon Lavin has won is the Edward C. Jones Community Service Award given by the North American Meat Institute. This one looks at people who have shown commitment to addressing the needs of the community.

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Talos Energy-Enjoying Cutting Edge Success In Energy Industry

Talos Energy is an offshore gas and oil company that recently became a public company through its merger with the Louisiana Stone Energy priced at 2 billion dollars. The main agenda of the deal is becoming a robust energy player with a central focus on the Gulf of the Mexican and the U.S side. Private equity firm of the Talos went public after it acquired a high percent of controlling interest in the Stone Company. The Stone Energy is publically traded company, and the merger has enabled Talos to automatically become listed in the Newyork Stocks Exchange as the TALO ticker.

Tim Duncan, the Talos Chief Executive Officer, presided over the deal calling it a great transformational combination. Talos owns a total of 63% and the rest of 37 percent being held by Stone Energy making a forced combination of assets, skills, and expertise. According to Duncan Talos is in a more significant position of capitalizing on the companies’ high-quality portfolio of assets and focus on the returns of capital programs. The company now has the opportunity of taking advantage of the potential development opportunities in offshore Mexico m the Gulf of Mexico and the U.S.

The Talos Energy began operation in 2012 having received financial backup from the Riverstone Holdings and the Apollo Global Management and focusing on offshore oil services on the Gulf. The Talos luck struck with the discovery of the Zama on the Mexico offshore after it won the bids with the partners of the Mexico energy reforms processes that helped in the opener of the blocked offshore foreign investors. The Zama became the country deregulation process first significant discovery.

Talos Energy is lead by a robust management team who has decades of skills in offshore producing and exploration with agenda of acquiring the shelf operated and deepwater assets development. The company core agenda is exploiting and also optimizing these assets using the latest techniques and the seismic technologies giving it a cutting edge success. The Stone Energy has over 20 years of operation out of the Lafayette, and in 2016 the company filed for bankruptcy protection amid the collapsing of the oil prices.

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Why Is Talk Fusion different?

The Talk Fusion app is an innovative new app that can be downloaded on either the apple or android operation systems depending on consumer preference. Its primary function is video email as well as many other functions using video and are useful for a business’s marketing to thrive. In this recap, I will explain what I have read about the Talk Fusion App and be able to explain the features it has as well.

When this Talk Fusion app came about, the creator wanted help businesses increase profit while staying ahead of competition. This app has been successful in doing so thus far as well as continues to grow annually. The Talk Fusion app was created in 2007 and has grown exponentially ever since. The creators also wanted to make it easier for businesses to connect with each other as well as make it easier for business owners to create and control marketing videos with the Talk Fusion App. This all has been especially useful for online business owners but also of all business categories as well. The app already has these functionalities and many more, and they are adding new features as they come along.

One thing that is often mentioned throughout articles is the Talk Fusion app can be used to connect family and friends as well. You can video chat with multiple family members on any device. There is also a feature to connect to chat through private rooms and once the rooms are created you can go back in the password. It can also make international video calls and unlimited messaging. This is also available through the Talk Fusion app as well.

All in all the Talk Fusion App has many useful features both for business and personal use. From video chat, video email, video marketing, and many more this app has a bright future ahead. Also the fact that you can private chat within the Talk Fusion app is amazing as well. Talk Fusion is an amazing innovative new app that looks as if it has a nice, bright, prosperous future ahead of it. I could see this app going far in the business world. Learn more:  https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/talk-fusion

National Steel Car’s Overview By Gregory Aziz

National Steel Car was founded in the year 1912. Since then, it has been among the top rolling stock producers in Canada. It is the leading manufacturing company in Canada. The firm is a subsidiary of the National Industries Inc. Gregory J Aziz is the CEO AND Chairman of the company.


Before 1995, the firm manufactured products that were used in Canada only. Later it started focusing on manufacturing railcars that were used elsewhere in North America, currently the United States. Now, it is one of the few railcar companies that are left in Canada.


In North America, National Steel Car is the leading railroad freight, and tank car manufactures after having an excellent experience of more than 100 years. National Steel Car has been committed to manufacturing, and engineering for the many years it started.


The cornerstone of the firm is its people. People supporting the firm have made the company to be more innovative, dynamic, diverse and value-driven making it achieve more. The company is persistently raising bars after continually challenging themselves. Go Here for additional information.


National Steel Car focuses its strengths with lots of efficiencies unrivalled to the rail industry. They have a broad sense of purpose that is true to their core values and as a result, they gain some trust from their customers who trust them in building the highest quality railcars with lots of consistency that is high delivery performance.


Gregory J. Aziz has worked hard to make sure that the company does not rest on its achievements. National Steel Car listens to its customers to make sure that the firm continues with its operation as North America’s leader in manufacturing Railcar.


James Aziz honors the loyal customers who continuously support the company creating a good relationship with their suppliers. He goes ahead to thank the team members who show a lot of commitment and integrity of work they do making the company be the best and continue manufacturing the best quality railcars.


The firm has proudly made Ontario and Hamilton Their home by giving back to the community. They have sponsored the Theatre Aquarius, the United Way, Hamilton Opera, Salvation Army and many other local charities. Most of their employees who are currently working there and those who have worked there have participated in their primary food drive for them to support the local food donors. Despite all that, the firm also offers many jobs that are well paying to their employees to help them promote their families.


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Ryan Seacrest Talks About Fitness

Ryan Seacrest is a man who is known all across the world. His path to fame came with hosting American Idol. Since then, Ryan Seacrest’s legacy has expanded with various new ventures. He is the host of a morning talk show named Live with Kelly and Ryan, in addition to his radio show On Air with Ryan. Outside of entertainment, there is a fashion line with the brand names Distinction and Polish. Lastly, he inspires hospitalized children across the country with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. However, what people may not know is how Ryan Seacrest keeps his weight in check. He recently spoke about this topic with the website Men’s Journal.

First and foremost, according to Ryan Seacrest, he plans workouts like a meeting. That way he is never tempted to skip one. He even keeps a gym locker on both sides of LA to ensure he’ll have time, with the goal of making it to the gym 5 days a week. His favorite kind of workouts are circuit workouts and core workouts, in addition to the occasional swim. Working out is critical to good health, but meals are equally as important.

During the next section and also posted on Forbes, Ryan Seacrest discusses diet tips. He says Vegetable juices and almonds are his go-to items, but even he cheats sometimes. He describes how just the other day he had Tacos. However, at the end of the day balance is the most important aspect to getting fit. It can be hard, but knowing where to devote your time will a long way. The result will be an increased confidence for yourself and how you handle things around you.

Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) is someone whose word you can trust. His personal experience with dieting and exercise has been extremely positive. The article concludes with his top 5 exercising suggestions: going to the Gym, performing cardio, yoga, and lastly biking. It’s completely possible to turn your weight around with just a little motivation and the right attitude.

Check out Ryan Seacrest’s Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yG38b6MIl4

OSI Group’s Post-Millennial Growth under Sheldon Lavin

It has been more than years since Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group as a partner towards the end of the leadership of the Otto brothers at Otto & Sons, now OSI Group. His experience as a banking executive and investment has pushed OSI to its current glory of global growth. Since taking control of the leadership at OSI Group, Sheldon’s main objective at the company was to expand the operations of the company to various states continually and probably to other countries.

His dream and objective finally came to be, with acquisitions and joint ventures being the main business strategy for OSI Group. Lately, Sheldon Lavin has also paid close attention to green innovations. With a pool of over 20,000 employees worldwide, Sheldon has put in a lot of work to ensure that the company’s culture remains uniform across all their branches and franchises. Even in his old age, Sheldon Lavin is still committed to maintaining a sustainable supply of products and reducing negative environmental impact.

Sheldon Lavin started pursuing his goal of expansion once the new millennium arrived. He aggressively expanded the company’s poultry operations to several countries. Early acquisitions in China marked the company’s first major break into the fresh produce market. A follow-up acquisition in Australia saw the company expand its operations in the beef industry away from home. Back at home, OSI Group also acquired a stake in an American poultry firm. Further acquisitions followed in Japan in 2010, strengthening its beef operations in the country. Before 2015, the company had already expanded to Canada, not to mention the numerous plants it had opened in the US.

The most notable acquisitions and joint ventures have seen OSI Group expand its operations to the UK, Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands. The recent entry into a joint venture with UK-based Pickstock in 2014 allowed OSI Group to expand beef distribution throughout Europe. At the same time, it gave Pickstock an opportunity to grow and create its brand. Another acquisition, this time of Tyson in Illinois, gave OSI Group abundant and convenient storage space since the plant was close to the company’s central facility. OSI Group’s acquisitions did not stop there, with later addition of Baha Food, which produced and supplied foods to Germany and Netherlands, continued to give OSI Group a broader continental reach. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award.

Even at 85 years of age, Sheldon Lavin doesn’t seem to slow his pace on maintaining the OSI Group’s brand. He has also been keen on making social contributions to workers and societies all over the world. Sheldon also continues to support people’s well-being by donating to various charities.

About Sheldon Lavin: www.crunchbase.com/person/sheldon-lavin

The Entrepreneurial Endeavors of Milan Kordestani

At age 10 Milan Kordestani started riding horses and in 2015 won the first leg of the triple crown and won fourth place at the Worlds Championship Horse Show. Then he placed 3rd at the third leg of the triple crown and in 2016 attained his highest ranking and came in 2nd at the Worlds Championship Horse Show in the Five Gaited Show Pleasure division.

While Kordestani is a student in his first year at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, Colorado, he has already founded Milan Farms and writes for the Huffington Post on such subjects as agriculture, politics and mental health. Kordestani additionally has begun developing a service for dormitories called Dormzi that provides an assortment of services not normally available to students. Because of his keen interest in music, Milan began Guin Records with his sister in order to help unknown artists to be heard.

One of Milan’s interests is providing a humane and organic method of raising chickens and growing organic saffron as well as mint. His parents are Iranian and because of the extensive use of saffron in Persian cooking Milan was inspired to begin growing it himself and in finding innovative methods of growing the spice. Milan Farms uses drip irrigation for growing their saffron and is the first to cultivate saffron on microfiber sponges. Milan is also researching hydroponic and aquaponic growing methods experimenting with different salinity and mineral levels in order to hone the perfect system to provide the ideal conditions for the perfect crop.

In 2016, Milan Farms logo and brand were trademarked and has expanded to three farms that provides eggs to several states in the western United States and saffron throughout the world.

Ultimately, Milan’s goal is to provide locally sourced produce under the Milan Farms name supporting small time farmers who can then offer their products to major stores throughout the United States.