Rick Scott to Answer Complaint filed by End Citizens United for Campaign Finance Violation

End Citizens United recently filed a formal complaint with the Federal Elections Commission (FEC), alleging that Rick Scott is using “super PAC” campaign money to illegally support his bid for the Senate race. Scott, who is the former governor for the state of Florida, has raised more than $78 million. The complaint states that Scott is undermining the election system by trying to circumvent the federal limits that are put on direct campaign contributions.

According to the complaint, although a super PAC has every right to collect as much money as it chooses and to spend that money as it chooses, the Scott campaign is in direct violation if it works with a super PAC in relation to those accumulated funds. The anti-coordination law was used to file the complaint and accused Scott of knowingly violating it in his coordinated efforts with the New Republican PAC. It is the same group that Scott headed as chairman prior to his announcement to run for the U.S. Senate.

Although Scott’s campaign has vigorously denied the allegations, End Citizens United provided documented proof that Scott was working alongside the super PAC in the last few months. In January, Scott was still listed as chairman of the organization, which was also provided within the complaint. “This is a legitimate FEC complaint because [Scott] broke the law,” stated Tiffany Muller, President of End Citizens United.

The political action committee has been on a mission since March 2015 to rid the political process of corrupt contributions entering into campaigns and is also seeking to overturn the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision on campaign finances. The PAC seeks to hold politicians accountable and has continued its efforts to keep campaign finance reform in the spotlight. With its public notification for getting the “big money” completely out of the system, End Citizens United has continued to align with candidates that are in agreement with reforming the entire political system. As it stands now, unless further scrutinized, donations received by the campaigns are undisclosed and unlimited, which the PAC believes is unacceptable.

According to Adam Bozzi, Communications Director for End Citizens United, there are clear signs that Scott has broken the law and that his political ambitions have swayed his decisions to funnel soft money into the super PAC. Bozzi states that there is clear evidence provided within the complaint that Scott knowingly by-passed campaign finance laws with the super PAC to pay campaign bills and evade disclosing it to the public.

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