Choosing the Fagali Airport for Flight

On the Somoa Island, you’ll find the spacious and popular Fagali Airport. The Fagali Airport was once owned and operated by the local government. It was used primarily for military training and testing, but was soon closed due to pollution and noise violations. After several years of remaining abandoned, Polynesian Airlines purchased the airport and reopened it to the public. It is now the island’s largest attraction, with just a few housing communities and stores to compete. The airport continues to expand its facility to ensure safe, secure and convenient travel to those who will be going through its doors.

The Fagali Airport has several airlines within the facility that offer both local and international travel. Its only international airline is called Somoa Air and was one of the first lines to be introduced to the airport back when it opened in 1996. It also has Polynesian Airlines, Pogo Pogo Air and South Pacific Airways. International travel can be done to North and South America, Canada and some parts of Europe. Well over 200 people work for the Fagali Airport each day, providing a safe environment for those traveling to and from the area. The airport has even received an award for safety from the International Flight Association.

For those traveling through the Fagali Airport, several amenities that are available will make your trip a lot easier and more convenient. These features include cafes, gift shops, restrooms, vending machines and a full-service restaurant that is open 24 hours a day. Over a million people go through the airport each year and well over 30,000 flights take off annually. Despite being a smaller airport, it is one of the busiest in the world and continues to make efforts to help passengers have a safe and fun experience flying with their loved ones.

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