Entrepreneur David Mcdonald, Re-inventing the Food Industry

Mr. David McDonald the current president and chief operating officer of OSI Industries. The recipient of the prestigious Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award was born and raised in the state of Iowa. He attended Iowa State University in the year 1987 and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in animal science. Mr. McDonald joined OSI Industries in Chicago upon graduating from University. Since then he has diligently worked his way up the career ladder to the president. The chairman of directors for the American Meat Institute is actively involved in making the state of Iowa better than it was.

Among his many initiatives, as an interested party in the betterment of the state of Iowa and its people includes his active involvement in the agricultural entrepreneurship programs. Only recently, he had a group of students visit the OSI facility in China and has been known to offer employment opportunities to qualified candidates from his former University. Additionally, OSI under his leadership is supporting a student intern and is paving the way for many more to come. His involvement in the development of significant aspects of the state runs deep. Mr. McDonald continually supports his fraternity through funding and scholarships. He was a principal party involved in the organizing a fundraising campaign for the state’s AGR house. The father of six children is married to Malinda McDonald.

In an interview with Inspire-ry, we get to have a peek at the life of this celebrated company leader and entrepreneur. Under his watch, OSI has made massive steps in the food industry and is currently listed as one of the leading global food providers. He has ensured that OSI strived to provide the very best products and services to its esteemed customers.

The entrepreneur recently saw to it that OSI acquired Baho Foods, a Dutch company that specializes in the production of deli meat and processing of other food products. In his later remarks, he stated that the acquisition helped solidify the presence of OSI Industries in the European market. In his entire career, he believes that his vision to establish a working relationship with OSI’s clients has never given him cause to regret. He accredits his success to the ability of the company, and the teams under him to make productive partnerships with major players in the food Industry. He hopes that OSI Food Industries continue to surpass the expectations set by clients times over.

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