Jeunesse Global: Leadership & Products

Jeunesse Global is a beauty products company that came as a brainstorm result from Wendy and Randy. The company was founded and launched in 2009, 9th September. The two founders had developed a vision for beauty and healthy living. As stated on the company’s site, the launching day has a rationale behind it. The consistent number 9 is said to characterize durability of the company thriving to global success. Randy and Wendy established Jeunesse as a project for their retirement. The firm has, however, marked worldwide success. Both worked in different enterprises before joining hands to institute Jeunesse Global. Since startup, the company and its products have gained global recognition extending its services all over.


To date, the company has placed distributors worldwide through their product collection Y.E.S (Youth Enhancement System). There are at least nine products offered by Jeunesse with each product designed in a unique and productive manner. Currently, the company is being run by eight members. Randy Ray is the founder and CEO, Wendy the founder and COO, Chief Financial Officer Ryan Ogden and HR Recruiting Specialist Yaroslav Abramenko. Mark Patterson is the Chief Marketing Officer, Scott Lewis serves as the Chief Visionary Officer, Robert Dawson Chief Legal Officer and Steve Ottewell is the Network Marketing Professional Leader and Mentor.


AM/PM Essentials is a product containing minerals and vitamins. AM is referred to as a daytime formula and PM is a nighttime formula. The constituents include Vitamins A, C, D, and E as well as K, B6, and B12. The minerals in the product include Iodine, Zinc, Magnesium, and Chromium among others. The company is also a producer of healthy drinks. Reserve is an exclusive mixture of excellent fruits that contains antioxidants fused to work collectively as a protection counter to free radical injury. The juice has no additives such as artificial flavors, sugar, sweetness or colors. Ingredients comprise Concord grape, dark sweet cherry, blueberry, Resveratrol, Acai berry, and pomegranate.


One of the best organic supplement up till now for Jeunesse is FINITI. Available in capsules, the supplement contains a unique recipe of vegetable and fruit extracts. Each bottle contains sixty capsules. Some of the notable excerpts include turmeric, pomegranate, and astragalus root. The company product profile cautions lactating and pregnant women from using them without doctor’s prescription.