Jaso Hope: Working On The Internet Of Things And Anti-Aging Medicine

Scottsdale, Arizona resident Jason Hope is a tech-minded entrepreneur, futurist and philanthropist. He has a serious interest in how the world is being changed by the Internet of Things(IoT). The IoT refers to today’s high degree of interconnectivity people enjoy through their internet connected cell phones, computers, tablets, vehicles, smart homes, appliances and other popular devices. These devices give people near instant access to endless information of practically any topic. Hope believes that has revolutionized all aspects of life and provided many benefits.

Hope believes that the IoT has the potential to do even more to improve the quality of life for all of mankind. Research suggests that by 2020 more than 30 million items will be sensed and controlled by the Internet of Things using computer apps and other high-tech gadgets. Jason Hope sees this as an opportunity to improve the global economy and benefit mankind through increased availability, accessibility, and affordability of any product or service. He recently wrote an e-book, ‘Understanding the Internet of Things Revolution’ to teach people about the benefits and dangers of the internet and how to use it safely and effectively.

Jason Hope is also working with the Strategies for Negligible Senescence Research Foundation to find innovative, effective ways to reduce the impact aging has on people’s lives. In 2010, Hope gave the organization $500,000 to help them with anti-aging research and to help with the development of cutting-edge methods for addressing dementia, osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood pressure and other diseases. The Mountain View, California based organization examines hundreds of techniques for addressing the issues related to preventing and treating age-related medical issues.

With the help of Jason Hope the SENS Foundation has worked to make technologies to reduce the impact of age-related conditions available to a growing number of elderly people. The organization researches equipment to repair damaged cells, telomerase, compounds that mitigate oxidation and effective strategies to decrease byproducts stored in the cells that leads to health issues for older people and expand their lifespan.

Since graduating from Arizona State University with a degree in finance and completing his MBA at the W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU, Jason Hope has started several very successful businesses and launched a number of lucrative new products. Committed to helping the community, Hope has also continually used his finances and business acumen to help young entrepreneurs bring their business ideas to life. Jason Hope Pledges $500,000